Louisiana Revised Statutes 2

32:387.10 Special permit; vehicles transporting timber cutting or logging equipment
32:387.11 Semiannual critical off-road equipment permit; authorization
32:387.12 Annual noncritical off-road equipment permit; authorization
32:387.13 Portable and modular buildings; interstate highways
32:387.14 Special permit; heavy equipment
32:387.15 Special permit; boats; interstate highways
32:387.16 Special permit; sealed containerized cargo for export; containerboard, kraft liner, and roll pulp; limitations
32:387.17 Special permit; containerized cargo intended for export; rules and regulations; ports in ouachita parish
32:387.18 Special permits; specialized heavy haul equipment; interstate highways
32:387.8 Vehicles requiring steering axle permit; interstate highways
32:387.9 Special permit; vehicles hauling agronomic or horticultural crops
32:388.1 Penalties; multiple violations
32:388 Penalties; payments
RS 32:290 Driving across ditches; requirements
RS 32:291.1 Roadway hazard cleanup
RS 32:291 Liability for damage to highway or structure
RS 32:292.1 Transportation and storage of firearms in privately owned motor vehicles
RS 32:292 Hunting or discharge of firearms, when prohibited
RS 32:293 Prohibiting standing of school children under certain circumstances; limiting number of children transported at one time
RS 32:294 Mississippi river bridge crossings prohibited
RS 32:295.1 Safety belt use; tags indicating exemption
RS 32:295.2 Wearing of headphones; prohibitions; exceptions
RS 32:295.3 Leaving children unattended and unsupervised in motor vehicles; prohibition; penalties
RS 32:295.4 Guidelines for seat belt and motor vehicle liability security checkpoints; law enforcement agencies
RS 32:295 Child passenger restraint system
RS 32:296 Stopping, parking, or standing upon the highway shoulder; driving upon the highway shoulder
RS 32:297.1 Low rider vehicles
RS 32:297 Low rider vehicles
RS 32:298 Farm equipment on highway shoulders
RS 32:299.1 Off-road vehicles
RS 32:299 Off-road vehicles; authorization for use on the shoulders of certain public roads and highways
RS 32:300.1 Low-speed vehicles; safety equipment requirements; exemptions; registration; safety inspections
RS 32:300.2 Electric personal assistive mobility devices; operation; exceptions
RS 32:300.3 Funeral processions
RS 32:300.4 Smoking in motor vehicles prohibited; penalties
RS 32:300.5 Use of certain wireless telecommunications devices for text messaging prohibited
RS 32:300.6 Use of wireless telecommunications devices by certain drivers prohibited; exceptions
RS 32:300.7 Use of certain wireless telecommunications devices by minors while driving prohibited; exceptions
RS 32:300 Possession of alcoholic beverages in motor vehicles
RS 32:301 When lighted lamps are required
RS 32:302 Visibility distance and mounted height of lamps
RS 32:303 Headlamps on motor vehicles; motorcycles and motordriven cycles
RS 32:304 Tail lamps
RS 32:305 New motor vehicles to be equipped with reflectors
RS 32:306 Stop lamps and turn signals required on new motor vehicles
RS 32:307 Application of succeeding sections
RS 32:308 Additional equipment required on buses, trucks, truck tractors, trailers, semi-trailers and pole trailers
RS 32:309 Color of clearance lamps, identification lamps, side marker lamps, backup lamps and reflectors
RS 32:310 Mounting of reflectors, clearance lamps and side marker lamps
RS 32:311.1 Equipment combinations
RS 32:311 Visibility of reflectors, clearance lamps, and marker lamps
RS 32:312 Obstructed lights not required
RS 32:313 Lamp or flag on projecting load
RS 32:314 Lamps on parked vehicles
RS 32:315.1 Reflecting tape on trailers hauling sugarcane
RS 32:315 Lamps on farm tractors, farm equipment and implements of husbandry
RS 32:316 Lamps on other vehicles and equipment
RS 32:317 Spotlights and auxiliary lamps
RS 32:318 Audible and visual signals on certain vehicles
RS 32:319 Signal lamps and signal devices
RS 32:320.1 Vehicular hazard warning signals
RS 32:320 Additional lighting equipment
RS 32:321 Multiple beam road lighting equipment
RS 32:322 Use of multiple beam road lighting equipment
RS 32:323 Single-beam road-lighting equipment
RS 32:324 Lighting equipment on motor-driven cycles
RS 32:325 Alternate road-lighting equipment
RS 32:326 Number of driving lamps required or permitted; parking lights
RS 32:327 Special restrictions on lamps
RS 32:328 Special lighting equipment on school buses
RS 32:329 Bicycles; front lamps; side and rear reflectors
RS 32:330 Selling or using lamps or equipment
RS 32:331 Authority of commissioner with reference to lighting devices
RS 32:332 Adjustment certificate
RS 32:333 Certain lights around license plates prohibited
RS 32:341.1 Exemptions; farm vehicles and equipment
RS 32:341 Brake equipment required
RS 32:342 Performance ability of brakes
RS 32:343 Condition of brakes
RS 32:344 Brakes after engine failure
RS 32:345 Brakes on motor driven cycles
RS 32:346 Brakes on bicycles
RS 32:351 Horns and warning devices
RS 32:352 Mufflers; requirements; prevention of excessive noise, fumes and smoke
RS 32:353 Modification of exhaust systems
RS 32:354 Mirrors
RS 32:355 Fire extinguishers
RS 32:356 Windshields must be equipped with wiping and washing systems
RS 32:357 Windshields required
RS 32:358 Motorcycle windshields
RS 32:359 Safety glass required
RS 32:360 Safety glass defined
RS 32:361.1 View outward or inward through windshield or windows; obscuring prohibited
RS 32:361.2 Medical exemption
RS 32:361.3 Security exemption
RS 32:361 Approved types of safety glass
RS 32:362 Restrictions as to tire equipment
RS 32:363 Fuel tank caps
RS 32:364 Fenders and mudguards
RS 32:365 Television
RS 32:366 Required equipment of tow cars
RS 32:367 Certain vehicles to carry flares or other warning devices
RS 32:368 Display of warning devices when vehicle disabled
RS 32:369 Red flags, use in parking certain vehicles
RS 32:370 Warning devices must be approved by commissioner prior to sale or use thereof
RS 32:371 Enforcement of part
RS 32:372 Warning devices, submission to commissioner; fee
RS 32:373 Removal of warning device
RS 32:374 Violation of regulations of commissioner
RS 32:375 Air conditioning equipment
RS 32:376 Special lights for certain department vehicles
RS 32:377 Slow moving vehicle, identification
RS 32:378.1 Display of patently obscene words, photographs, and depictions
RS 32:378.2 Ignition interlock devices; condition of probation for certain dwi offenders; restricted license
RS 32:378.3 Installation of sound amplification systems to exterior of vehicle; prohibited
RS 32:378 School bus body, hood, bumpers; color of paint; back-up audible alarms
RS 32:379 Applicability; regulations in excess of r.s. 32:380 through r.s. 32:386 prohibited
RS 32:380 Width; projecting loads on vehicles
RS 32:381 Height
RS 32:382 Length; special length limits
RS 32:383.1 Loads of loose materials on vehicles; care required thereto; penalties
RS 32:383 Loads on vehicles; care required thereto; penalties; definition
RS 32:384 Trailers and towed vehicles
RS 32:385.1 Recreational vehicles; exemptions
RS 32:385 Farm vehicles and equipment; exemptions
RS 32:386.1 Blanket oversize yearly permit; fees
RS 32:386 Weight
RS 32:387.1 Escort vehicles; permit to operate required
RS 32:387.2 Mobile homes; interstate highways
RS 32:387.3 Precast, fiberglass swimming pools and tanks; interstate highways
RS 32:387.4 Equipment destined to or from any oil or gas facility or petrochemical complex; interstate highways
RS 32:387.5 Special permits; authorization to travel on portions of interstate 49
RS 32:387.6 Special permits; trucks hauling cotton modules
RS 32:387.7 Special permits; vehicles hauling sugarcane
RS 32:387 Special permits
RS 32:389 Weights and standards police; enforcement procedure; payment and collection procedures; administrative review
RS 32:390.21 Louisiana truck center; creation; purpose
RS 32:390.22 Services and assistance
RS 32:390.23 Agency representatives
RS 32:390 Weigh-in-motion (wim) system
RS 32:391 Appearance upon arrest
RS 32:392 Impounding of vehicles; prohibitions
RS 32:393.1Records of convictions; extracts; fees
RS 32:393.2 Reports; diplomatic immunities and privileges; u.s. department of state; deadlines
RS 32:393 Persons charged with traffic violations; time for disposition, licenses, reports, and records to be sent to department of public safety and corrections, fee charged; record of unpaid traffic fines and parking fines
RS 32:394 Flagrant violations; courts to give details on request of department
RS 32:395 Police officers not impeded by this chapter
RS 32:396 Commissioner to publish records
RS 32:397.1Accident reports; citizens right to privacy
RS 32:397 Commissioner to furnish forms and receive accident reports
RS 32:398.10 Collection and reporting of statistical information relating to traffic stops
RS 32:398.1 Traffic citations; form; issuance
RS 32:398.2 Disposition of traffic citations; unlawful acts; records
RS 32:398.3 Illegal cancellation of traffic citation; penalty; audit of citation records; publication
RS 32:398.4 When copy of citation shall be deemed a lawful complaint
RS 32:398.5 Applicability
RS 32:398 Accident reports; when and to whom made; information aid; fees for copies; fees for accident photographs
RS 32:399 Citation