Louisiana Boating Accident Lawyers

Boating Accident Lawyers

South Louisiana, home to an environment unlike any other, is called the “Sportsman’s Paradise” for good reason. The state is well stocked with fish and wildlife as diverse as the people who live here. Peyton Murphy, a lifelong resident of Louisiana has been boating on Louisiana’s southern waterways for over 50 years. According to the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. Louisiana has 4,000,000 acres of lakes, 40,000 miles of rivers and 7,000 miles of coastline. With an estimated 320,000 registered boats on Louisiana waterways accidents are inevitable. Murphy Law Firm has an extensive history of successful cases and substantial client settlements in all manner of civil claims. Our motto at Murphy Law Firm is “Do not be a victim twice!”. After a boating accident or injury, we help our clients manage insurance claim concerns, workers’ compensation, and other legal issues that can make recovery harder after an injury. If you’ve been injured and are thinking about hiring an attorney to defend your rights after a boating accident, hire Peyton Murphy, an experienced boater who has chartered the waters of Louisiana for years.

As lawyers, we are confident in our abilities because of the wealth of experience our attorneys have gained from years of serving clients in the Baton Rouge area and throughout Louisiana. Our new clients come from referrals from existing clients who have seen firsthand the extensive resources and experience four lawyers, supporting staff and investigators have supplied. Our past clients know that we fight aggressively to secure the maximum possible recovery for our clients in all types of civil actions including boating accidents, personal injury lawsuits, product liability claims, medical malpractice claims, wrongful death claims, and maritime law violations.

Boaters, fishers, and swimmers can enjoy everything from deep sea fishing to kayaking through the famous swamps in Louisiana. Yet not every boater is prepared, capable, or willing to uphold waterway rules and stay safe while enjoying a day on the water. After a boating accident that leaves you with personal injuries, property damage, or other losses, consult with a personal injury attorney from Murphy Law Firm at 225-928-8800.

What to Do After a Boating Accident

Louisiana is a hub for recreational boaters, ferry workers, cargo and supply vessels, oil rigs, and commercial fishing boats. With such a variety of watercraft, it can be difficult to know how to recover your damages after a boating accident. When in doubt, call our experienced boating accident lawyers for advice at 225-928-8800 to evaluate your case and inform you about your next steps going forward.

If you and your family were on someone else’s boat, you can likely file a claim against the boat’s operator for negligence. If you were on a tour boat of some kind, liability may fall on the company. You might also be able to bring a claim against other boaters, a rental company, part manufacturing company or other passengers on the boat involved in causing the accident.

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Boat accidents off the coast of Louisiana often fall under the jurisdiction of “maritime law,” or law encompassing incidents that happen on open waters. If your accident happened somewhere other than open waters, state laws will preside over your claim. The boat accident attorneys at Murphy Law Firm, have experience handling both bodies of law and can help you understand your options according to the appropriate one. If you need maritime lawyers, we’re your local Baton Rouge firm. Submit our contact form or call (225) 928-8800 to get in touch with an experienced boating accident attorney.