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When Safety is Neglected and Dangerous Drugs Cause Harm

A variety of serious illnesses and physical conditions can result from the consumption of defective drugs. New problems are constantly coming to light after pharmaceutical companies prioritize profit over patient safety.

At Murphy Law Firm, LLC, our team of attorneys has a national reputation for recovering maximum compensation for people harmed by dangerous medical drugs and products. We understand how drug companies market prescription drugs and some of the tactics they use to protect themselves in litigation. Although drugs are tested before they reach consumers, oftentimes side effects can emerge once they are taken by customers and drugs are prescribed for uses other than those for which they have been tested.

Our attorneys will take the time to learn how defective drugs have impacted you and your family and whether the pharmaceutical company knew about the design defects prior to sending the drugs to market. For a FREE initial consultation, call 225-928-8800 or 225-928-8800, or contact us online.

By pursuing class action or mass tort litigation against the manufacturer or a defective drug, groups of people who have been similarly harmed can obtain the benefits they deserve. Having an experienced lawyer is critical, however, to the success of class action lawsuits.

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Make sure you are not taken advantage of by the insurance company. Read our Injury Accident Guide and learn more about what to do after an accident that leaves you or someone you love injured. To learn more about your rights in lawsuits featuring defective drugs, contact Murphy Law Firm, LLC to schedule a free initial consultation.

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When medical companies develop drugs and other products, they are intended to heal people and their conditions, or to prevent conditions from developing in the future. Unfortunately, pharmaceutical companies are also in business to make a profit and, all too often, these conflicting goals lead to mistakes. When safety is neglected, defective drugs can be sold to the public and cause serious harm.

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