Attorney's Fees

When you hire an attorney, there are three different methods that attorney can choose from to charge fees: first, on a contingency fee basis; second, on a fixed fee basis; and finally, on an hourly fee basis.

Murphy Law Firm, LLC fees are based on a contingency basis. In contingency fee cases, the attorney assesses whether or not he or she believes that you have a reasonable chance at winning your case during your initial consultation. Several factors play into determining the strength of your case – these matters will be discussed with your during the initial consultation. If we take your case, we will invest the time and litigation cost without a fixed payment from you up front. The benefit of having a contingency fee contract for our services is that even if you do not have the financial backing to litigate a case, you can still get justice because you do not have to pay initially for our services.

In our practice, there is an expectation that you will receive some financial award either by settlement from the defendant or by judgment from a judge or jury. Our attorneys receive a percentage of the financial reward as payment. However, keep in mind that our policy is that you should always be first. So when is Murphy Law Firm, LLC paid? Our attorneys are paid only after money is collected on your case.

Murphy Law Firm, LLC’s policy is the client receives more money than the attorney as long as the client follows through with medical treatment and cooperates during the case.

If you lose your case, our attorneys are paid nothing.

A fixed fee for standard routine matters such as drafting will, deeds, and the search of a real estate title. Other services such as drafting a basic contract, traffic offenses, or minor criminal matters are also generally charged on a fixed fee basis. These are some but not all of the examples of tasks for which an attorney may charge you a fixed fee.
Hourly rates are charged by an attorney for almost everything else other than personal injury cases and standard routine matters. In most hourly cases, your attorney will request that you pay a retainer fee up front against which the attorney will bill his or her time.

Studies have shown that injured victims generally receive larger settlements and judgments when a lawyer is involved and is handling their case. The insurance industry has trained professionals to pay you as little as possible after you have suffered an injury. If insurance companies were fair, Murphy Law Firm, LLC would not be in business today. A Consumer Panel Survey of Auto Accident Victims by the Insurance Research Council (IRC), revealed this information:

  • Injured victims receive an average of 40 percent more money just by consulting a lawyer to learn their rights.
  • Injured victims receive an average of 3 ½ times more money before legal fees when they hire a lawyer to defend their rights.

What does this study mean? It means that insurance companies do not want you to hire an experienced trial lawyer.

Murphy Law Firm, LLC handles cases throughout the state of Louisiana and represent individuals throughout the country. Regardless of where you are from, our fees do not change.

At Murphy Law Firm, LLC, the client is the most important person in a given case. Always remember that our attorneys are fighting for you. The primary goal is to get you a fair and equitable settlement or judgment for your injuries, medical expenses and lost wages.