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The Importance Of A Trial Attorney

Have you ever heard someone make a threat you knew was empty? Did the person who made it earn your respect? Were you worried about what would happen if you didn’t comply?

This is what happens every day in the legal world with injury attorneys who always settle their cases. Your lawyer matters.

Insurance companies and opposing counsel know the litigation history of each personal injury attorney they face. If they are aware that your lawyer does not like to go to trial, they have no incentive to offer you a fair settlement.

Insurers and civil defense attorneys will lowball you, shaving tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars off of what you’re owed because your attorney will not take them to trial in front of a jury. Worse yet, they may completely deny wrongdoing and refuse to make you a fair offer, knowing that your attorney either fears trial or has no experience arguing cases before a judge or jury.

Sadly, the legal profession has become saturated with lawyers who are afraid of the courtroom; it is you, the client, who suffers the consequences.

Murphy Law Firm, LLC: We Are Trial Lawyers

At least one attorney from Murphy Law Firm, LLC is at the courthouse or in depositions on a regular basis. Our firm has stood up for its clients for more than 22 years, and we have the results to prove that our approach brings success, one case at a time.

Our lawyers aren’t in this profession to make friends with the people standing between you and what you’re rightfully owed; insurance companies and opposing counsel understand that when they see the name Peyton Murphy. When facing Murphy Law Firm, LLC, they know they have to make a fair offer that fully compensates you for all damages, or they will have to fight a battle-tested trial lawyer.

Most of our cases settle out of court, but only because our clients receive full-value offers. If you aren’t being treated fairly, we will use the courtroom to get you the money you deserve.

Don’t Be Victimized Twice

At Murphy Law Firm, LLC, we remind potential clients not to be victimized twice. Insurance companies and defense attorneys may be friendly to you and seem helpful, but make no mistake: They are seeking ways to devalue or deny your injury claim.

We created a brief checklist of questions to ask injury attorneys who you consider entrusting with your injury claim:

  • When was the last time you were at the courthouse?
  • When did you last conduct depositions?
  • How often do you have to file lawsuits for clients?
  • How many cases does your firm take to trial?

These answers will help you learn whether you are speaking with a trial attorney who demands full value on every case.

Get Everything You Deserve

If you are serious about getting fully compensated for the harm and suffering you have endured, call Murphy Law Firm, LLC at 225-928-8800 or contact us online.