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Overloaded / Improperly Secured Loads

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Louisiana largely relies on its large truck industry to keep the economy thriving. Thousands of commercial trucks travel in and out of the state each year transporting millions of tons of goods. Each truck carrying cargo could be a liability, especially if that cargo is improperly loaded or there is too much for the truck to safely carry. Materials falling off of an 18 Wheeler can often cause catestrophic results.

It takes a team of cargo loaders and trained drivers to safely transport a truckload of goods from origin to destination. If one thing goes wrong along the way, a major lost-load car accident can occur en route and injure or even kill other drivers. If you think an improperly secured load contributed to your truck accident, call the experienced personal injury lawyers at Murphy Law Firm at (255) 928-8800 for a free consultation.

Federal Cargo Loading Rules and Regulations

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) enacts rules for commercial vehicle cargo loading, just as it does for all other aspects of the transportation industry. All trucking companies in the country must obey these federal cargo securement rules to make sure their trucks comply with expected standards. Failure to do so can lead to an overloaded or improperly secured cargo load that’s liable to cause car accidents and injuries. Accidents like these are often fatally catestrophic, so proper care in loading these big rigs is one of the most important aspects of safetly using an 18 Wheeler. Proper securement includes:

  • Cargo securement systems must be able to withstand certain levels of gravitational force associated with deceleration and acceleration in multiple directions.
  • Securement systems must be able to withstand at least 0.8 g deceleration forward, 0.5 acceleration rearward, and 0.5 g acceleration laterally.
  • All truck equipment, vehicle systems, parts, and components involved in cargo securement must be in proper working order. It is up to the trucking company, fleet manager, or dock manager to make sure this is the case prior to sending a truck out for delivery.
  • Loaders must attach each cargo tie-down in a manner that prevents it from coming untied or loose during transit. All loads must have enough tie-downs to properly secure the load. Loaders must also use edge protection when the edge might cut into or rub the cargo or its securement components.

Get Help with Your Insurance Claim

After a truck accident involving a commercial truck’s improperly secured load, call your own insurance company and create a claim. Do not admit to any fault for the accident and stick to the facts when answering your agent’s questions. You should receive a phone call from the truck company’s insurer shortly after your crash. The person calling you is a claims adjuster and his or her job is to convince you to settle your claim for as little as possible. Do not agree to any number without first consulting with an experienced truck accident attorney in Louisiana.

Before agreeing to anything in these phones calls, call (225) 928-8800 to speak with one of Murphy Law Firm’s experienced truck accident lawyers. We will educate you on your rights and figure out the total compensation you need to fully recover and get your life back.

Do not settle for less than what your case is truly worth. Contact us for a FREE consultation about your cargo-related truck accident to speak with our expert personal injury attorneys in the Baton Rouge area. If you’re not located in East Baton Rouge, we will come to you, no matter if you’re location in Denham Springs, Hammond, Gonzales, or even Central, Louisiana. We will help you in any city in Louisiana!



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