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Lawsuit Overview

What & Why?

Since 2009, D.R. Horton has built over 1,700 homes in bustling areas in Lafayette Parish. Unfortunately, the construction quality of the homes they have produced since 2012 has not met the standards to withstand Louisiana’s humid weather. As a result, a family has been in an unlivable D.R. Horton home since 2014 and cannot afford to move. Along with thousands of affected homeowners, a never-ending list of complaints, and 10 southern LA lawyers, the family filed a class-action lawsuit against the contracting company and their subcontractors.

How Do I Know If I’ve Been Affected?

If you reside or live in a home built by D.R. Horton, you may be eligible to file a claim against them. Some of the difficulties the homeowners reported are:

  • High humidity inside their home
  • Leakage from their roofs
  • Toxic mold or mildew
  • Poor air-conditioning and attic ventilation

The residents have experienced economic hardships, health issues, mental stress, and an overall decrease in their quality of life. Yet, after contacting the company during the warranty period, they claim not to receive any help or proper accommodations.

What is a Class Action Lawsuit?

A class-action lawsuit is a civil matter where a group of people who experienced similar hardships at the hand of the defendant decides to sue the defendant based on the collected offenses. A class-action lawsuit is beneficial for many reasons:

  • There is more evidence involved, which builds a stronger case.
  • It is easier and more cost-effective.
  • It saves time.

The D.R. Horton Class Action Lawsuit is consumer-based because they failed to deliver their promise, claiming their homes were “Gold Fortified,” which resulted in the suffering of the victims.

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