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Slip & Fall Litigation

Information & What To Do

Slip and falls often occur due to wet floors, spilled liquids, inadequate or missing entryway mats, and many other hidden hazards you don’t notice until it is too late. Trip and falls happen when unexpected objects or conditions impede your intended direction of travel. People often trip over large cracks in the sidewalk, potholes in crosswalks, unmarked and unexpected steps, and a host of many dangerous conditions that can cause a bad fall. Falls can happen when stairs break or crumble, or when a handrail or other safety device fails and causes a fall rather than preventing one.

All Louisiana property owners have a duty to maintain their premises in a safe manner. If you sustained injuries while shopping at a store or while on someone else’s property, you may have a claim against the property or business owner. In such a case, a Louisiana slip-and-fall attorney can help protect your rights.

What To Do After the Slip, Trip, or Fall?

Seek Medical Attention

Your health and well-being are paramount, but seeking medical attention quickly will help document any injuries you suffered from the fall as well.

Report the Incident

If you are in a retail establishment immediately report the incident to the staff so that they can document your fall and the conditions that caused the slip or trip. Similarly, immediately report any fall to your landlord if the fall occurs on premises you rent or if you are a guest on a rental premises. If the fall happened at the home of another make sure the homeowner is informed of where and how the fall occurred.

Take Photographs

If your post-fall condition allows, or if you have another person with you, make sure to take pictures of the exact spot and conditions where the fall occurred.

Collect Information

Obtain the names and phone numbers of the any witness to your fall if your condition allows.

Don’t Speak to Just Anyone About the Accident

If you think that someone is responsible for causing your fall and injuries say as little as possible to anyone until you have a chance to speak with an attorney. Often insurance companies will contact you looking for information or to offer small sums to get you to sign a waiver. If this is the case, politely decline to speak with them until you’ve had a chance to have personal injury lawyer evaluate the facts of your case.

Preserve Evidence of the Accident

Other post-fall steps to take include, keeping the clothes you were wearing at the time in a plastic bag to preserve them, especially if the clothes have any tears, stains or other marks. In addition, preserve the footwear you were wearing and do not wear them again until you speak with any attorney.

Consult Professional Legal Help

Call and speak with an experienced slip-and-fall attorney about your case. They can guide you on how to proceed and help you draft a slip and fall demand letter. This document outlines your injuries, damages, and desired compensation. And sending it to the property owner, business, or insurance company initiates the negotiating process.

Accidents at the Workplace

Slip, trips, and falls can happen to even the most careful individuals. According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administraiton (OSHA) slips, trips, and falls make up the majority of general industry accidents. These accidents make up 15% of all accidental deaths, and are second only to motor vehicles as a cause of fatalities. Wet and damp floors are not the only cause of these accidents, clutter, improper cleaning, and multi level floors are also common factors. In fact, according to reports, 50% of facility accidents can be attributed to the type of flooring used.

Regardless of the cause, these accidents are easily preventable. Accidents are common in the workplace but can happen to customers and the general public. Fortunately, safety precautions are simple and cost-effective: clean, dry walking surfaces and signs and cones for multi-level and wet flooring.

For a workplace accident, you can pursue a workers’ compensation claim with your employer’s insurer. Before filing it, make sure to consult with a workers’ comp lawyer. Insurance companies often try to minimize payouts. A legal professional can protect your rights and ensure you get what you deserve. You can also avoid having your slip-and-fall claim denied.

If you’re a maritime worker who suffered a slip and fall through an oil platform or rig accident, workers’ comp may not apply to you. But the Jones Act grants you specific rights to pursue a civil action against your employer for negligence-related injuries. Consult with our maritime injury attorney to learn about your legal options.

For slip and fall cases that occur while visiting someone else’s property, the best way to proceed is the seek the help of a premises liability attorney. Murphy Law Firm can help you identify the defendant, prove negligence, and seek damages for your losses. You might be eligible to recover for your hospital bills, lost wages from missed time at work, and non-economic damages such as pain and suffering.

Find out during a free consultation with one of our personal injury attorneys at Murphy Law Firm. Call (225) 928-8800 to discuss your slip and fall today. The personal injury lawyers at Murphy Law Firm take an aggressive approach to all of our cases, and we fight to ensure our clients receive maximum compensation for their injuries.

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