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Train Accidents

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Individuals who work on trains and along America’s railways work in a very dangerous environment. The chances of accidents involving injuries are extremely high considering there are over 200,000 miles of railroad track, over 1,000,000 freight cars, 20,000 locomotives and almost 90,000 track miles of signal and train control systems. In Louisiana certain rules and restrictions, Louisiana Revised Statutes 32:168 and 32:169, are in place to help reduce the chances of train accidents. Unfortunately, with so much traffic on Louisiana railways, accidents do happen. Many of these train accidents result in serious or fatal injuries to passengers and workers. At Murphy Law Firm, LLC, in Baton Rouge, our experienced train accident lawyers provide representation to victims of railroad victims. Founded in 1993, our personal injury attorneys have obtained significant settlements and verdicts for clients in our more than 150 years of combined service.

Learn more about your rights after a train accident in Louisiana. Call Murphy Law Firm, LLC locally at 225-928-8800 to schedule a free initial consultation. As more and more freight and passenger train cars travel along America’s railways, accidents can occur more frequently and the potential for injury becomes greater. If you, or someone you love, have been injured in a railroad accident, you need compensation for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, and any wages lost due to time away from work.

The personal injury lawyers at Murphy Law Firm, LLC also represents workers and passengers who are involved in train and railroad accidents. Learn more information about your rights and what options you have for pursuing the benefits you deserve. At our firm, we rely on a team of personal injury lawyers and staff to provide the representation that our clients deserve after train accidents. Quality representation includes direct communication, thorough accident investigations, personalized attention, and ethical treatment that puts your best interests first.

After a Train Accident, Talk With a Personal Injury Lawyer After a railroad accident in Baton Rouge or elsewhere in the state of Louisiana, contact our railroad injury lawyer at Murphy Law Firm, LLC. Schedule a free initial consultation and discuss your accident with an experienced legal advocate. Call our office locally at 225-928-8800 to make an appointment. All cases, from car to maritime accidents, are taken on a contingency basis. Don’t Be A Victim Twice!


Louisiana’s Train Accident Laws

Louisiana “No Pay, No Play” Rule
Baton Rouge General

A. In any action for damages where a person suffers injury, death, or loss, the degree or percentage of fault of all persons causing or contributing to the injury, death, or loss shall be determined, regardless of whether the person is a party to the action or a nonparty, and regardless of the person’s insolvency, ability to pay, immunity by statute, including but not limited to the provisions of R.S. 23:1032, or that the other person’s identity is not known or reasonably ascertainable. If a person suffers injury, death, or loss as the result partly of his own negligence and partly as a result of the fault of another person or persons, the amount of damages recoverable shall be reduced in proportion to the degree or percentage of negligence attributable to the person suffering the injury, death, or loss.

B. The provisions of Paragraph A shall apply to any claim for recovery of damages for injury, death, or loss asserted under any law or legal doctrine or theory of liability, regardless of the basis of liability.

C. Notwithstanding the provisions of Paragraphs A and B, if a person suffers injury, death, or loss as a result partly of his own negligence and partly as a result of the fault of an intentional tortfeasor, his claim for recovery of damages shall not be reduced.

Amended by Acts 1979, No. 431, §1; Acts 1996, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 3, §1, eff. April 16, 1996.


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