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Limitation of Liability Act

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“You cannot afford to wait if a ship owner has filed a petition for Limitation of Liability. If you miss the deadline for responding to the petition, you will lose your right to respond and seek a larger claim for damages. Our limitation of liability lawyers can guide you through this complex legal process.”
Attorney Peyton Murphy

Injured maritime workers and passengers can be subject to the Limitation of Liability Act after suffering an injury or death aboard a vessel in navigable waters. From commercial vessel incidents to sail boat and cruise ship accidents, this law allows vessel owners to limit their liability for injuries and deaths to the value of their interest in the remains of the vessel.

If you or a loved one filed an injury or wrongful death claim after suffering an accident aboard a ship and you have received a petition for maritime Limitation of Liability, you must act quickly to contest it. This is an extremely complex area of law that requires representation from experienced maritime and admiralty law attorneys.

Working to Recover the Compensation You Need

Ferry worker injury or other vessel incident victims and families who lose someone to wrongful death may file claims under various maritime, admiralty, and personal injury laws. They can receive compensation for medical bills, past and future lost income, pain and suffering, and related expenses.

The Limitation of Liability Act, however, can affect the amount recoverable. If a vessel owner files a petition under this Act, the compensation could be limited to the vessel’s value at the time of the accident or injury. Depending on the damage to the vessel, this law may drastically reduce or eliminate any damages. If the ship sank or was severely damaged, it may not have any value. In this case, you would not be allowed to recover compensation for your losses.

Challenging petitions for Limitation of Liability, whether for onshore or offshore accidents, is possible. But you must act quickly. To learn how we can help you with your case, please speak with a maritime lawyer from our team today. You don’t have time to wait. If you received a petition for Limitation of Liability, call our experienced personal injury attorneys at (225) 269-4928.


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