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It might not seem like dog bites are as serious as other forms of personal injury, but they can cause serious complications if not properly treated. If a dog has rabies or some other infectious disease, then they might infect the victim, leading them to need expensive medical treatment and miss out on work due to their injuries. If you or a loved one are a victim of a dog bite, consider contacting a Louisiana dog bite lawyer for more information on your legal case.

Louisiana Dog Bite Lawyer

Receive Compensation for Your Injuries

After a traumatic experience like a dog bite, you might be wondering where to turn. The attorneys at Murphy Law Firm have experience working with victims of dog bites and work aggressively for our clients. We understand how serious dog bites can be and aim to recover damages to make the healing process easier. Schedule a consultation with us today to learn more about how Murphy Law Firm can help you with your dog bite claim.

Dog Bites Are Serious

It’s important to take dog bites seriously to prevent further complications, especially if the bite was in an important area. Bites to the head and neck can impact the throat, which could affect breathing ability. Limbs can experience joint damage after a dog bite, which can impact mobility. There could also be nerve damage, infections, and a myriad of other issues that need to be treated immediately after an accident.

Rabies is rare in the U.S., but it is still possible after a dog bite and can be fatal. A more common condition in dog bites is tetanus. If a dog spends time outside before biting someone, it could carry the bacteria responsible for tetanus and spread it via a bite. Tetanus is a serious illness and can cause lockjaw and other complications. Seeking medical attention immediately after a dog bite is critical so that you receive a tetanus shot to prevent intense complications.

Why Do Dog Bites Happen?

There are lots of reasons for dog bites. Sometimes, the dog is provoked, but this is not always the case. They might be scared for other reasons, like a new environment. A scary situation, like a crime or extreme weather event, could also impact a dog’s mental well-being and cause them to lash out. Other situations include protecting their puppies. If a dog believes that their owner is liable to danger, it might bite or attack a perceived threat to prevent an injury to their owner. Some dogs turn aggressive if they are ill, depressed, or feeling unwell, which can be made worse if they are shocked unexpectedly.

Finally, some dogs tend to bite while they are playing with humans and other dogs. Most of these bites are harmless, but if a dog gets too worked up or excited, the dog bites can become more severe. Each of these reasons for dog bites might be a reason to file a personal injury claim, but the details of each case depend on the context surrounding the situation.

Why Do I Need an Attorney?

Just because a dog bit you does not mean that you are necessarily entitled to compensation in a personal injury claim. To receive damages, you must be able to prove that the dog who bit you was dangerous or a threat and that the owner failed to protect you against them. This can be difficult to argue, and there are strict time limits for how long you have to file a claim for your injuries.

This is why working with a personal injury attorney is so important. They can review your situation and evaluate whether you have a valid personal injury as well as calculate how much you could expect to receive from your claim. An experienced attorney has the knowledge and resources to gather additional evidence to support your claims. They can also negotiate with insurance companies to make sure you receive an appropriate damage amount.

What Damages Can I Receive?

It can be difficult for someone inexperienced in law to place a monetary amount on the damages they have suffered as a result of a dog bite. An attorney can help calculate how much you should receive by examining factors like:

  • Medical Expenses: Most victims of dog bites receive treatment for rabies and tetanus, which can be expensive. This does not include any additional costs for treatments outside of these shots. A personal injury claim can recover damages for expenses that insurance doesn’t cover or provide more compensation if you are uninsured.
  • Economic Damages: If the injuries from a dog bite had other financial effects on your life, they are called economic damages. This usually pertains to missing work or other income-generating activities as a result of your injuries.
  • Pain and Suffering: These are considered non-economic damages because there is no explicit figure associated with these types of damages. However, you could still receive damages for dog bites that were especially damaging and caused a large amount of pain and suffering.
  • Emotional Trauma: This is another form of non-economic damages that can account for a reduction in your quality of life. If your dog bite made you unable to do things you love, like exercise outdoors, then it might be possible to receive compensation for it. This also covers trauma, like a fear of dogs due to your injuries from a dog bite.

The exact amount of damages you might be entitled to depends on your situation. For a clearer idea of how much your case might be worth, speak with a personal injury attorney who is knowledgeable about dog bites.

Common Situations for Dog Bite Claims

Every dog bite claim is different, but there are some scenarios that are frequently seen in dog bite cases. One of the most common reasons for a personal injury claim is an owner failing to protect others from their aggressive dog, including incidents where the dog escapes from their enclosure. This definition can be expanded to include children if the dog is especially large, even if they have not shown aggressive behavior.

In some cases, an owner might not be liable for someone’s dog bites, especially if the individual was trespassing on their property. It might also be seen as the victim’s fault if they attempted to pet or nuzzle an aggressive dog. Even if someone provokes a dog, it might still be possible for the owner to be considered negligent, especially if they are close to another dog who is not restrained by that dog’s owner.

Dog Bite Injury FAQs

What Happens If My Dog Bites Someone in Louisiana?

If your dog bites someone in Louisiana, you might be liable for the victim’s injuries. This might be the case if you were able to prevent the injuries from occurring and chose not to. If the victim provoked the dog, then you might not be liable for any damages. If your dog bit an individual in Louisiana, you might benefit from an attorney who can represent your interests in case an individual attempts to file a personal injury claim against you.

What Are Louisiana’s Liability Rules for Dog Bites?

Louisiana follows strict liability rules for dog bites. This means that the owner is usually liable for their dog’s bites except in certain circumstances, like if the victim of a bite did something to make the dog aggressive. The courts can also take negligence into account if the owner did not attempt to shield the dog away from individuals by providing adequate restraints or fencing. For more information on Louisiana dog bite laws, contact an attorney.

How Do You Fight a Dog Bite Claim?

There are several defenses that an individual can use to fight a dog bite claim in Louisiana. One of the most common defenses is that the victim provoked the dog by bringing in another dog or grabbing a sensitive area of the dog, like the head or neck. It is also possible to reduce the amount of damages that the individual is liable for if they are found to be somewhat at fault for the dog bite. This is called comparative negligence, and a personal injury lawyer can determine whether it might apply to your case.

What Is the Vicious Dog Law in Louisiana?

Louisiana has certain laws that pertain to so-called vicious or aggressive dogs. If a dog is found to be more likely to cause injury by the police or animal control, then the court can deem that dog to be dangerous. A dog is more likely to be considered dangerous if they have bitten or threatened someone in the past or recently killed an animal away from home. If a dog is labeled as aggressive, you might need additional signage on your property to warn others.

Review Your Legal Options

Dog bites can require significant resources to recover from, especially if the bite was in a sensitive area or punctured deep into the body. Don’t leave your personal injury claim to chance after such a serious injury. An attorney has the experience and knowledge to maximize your chances of success. Schedule a consultation with Murphy Law Firm today to learn more about how we can help with your dog bite case.

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