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5 Types of Brain Injuries from Car Accidents in Louisiana

If you or a loved one suffered from one of these 5 traumatic brain injuries due to a car accident in Baton Rouge, contact Murphy Law Firm today.
Nov 11, 2022

By Peyton Murphy

Peyton Murphy has been fighting against big insurance companies for nearly 30 years as one of the top Baton Rouge personal injury lawyers and car accident attorneys.

Although we all want to believe that we’re always completely safe when driving, car accidents, truck accidents, and other forms of auto accidents can occur. And the fact that these types of accidents can result in people receiving blows, bumps, or strong jolts to the head makes it one of the top causes of brain damage.

A brain injury can not only turn into physical and emotional trauma for someone, but also unfo
rtunate financial hardships. If you or someone you know is dealing with a brain injury due to a car accident, don’t lose hope. You can contact a car wreck lawyer to help you gain proper compensation, as well as help counteract the significant harms and losses that may have occurred.

Common Brain Damage from Car Accidents

Your symptoms and overall impact on your life will depend on the sort of brain injury you sustain. Before we go over the five of the most typical car accident-related brain injuries, we want you to know that a car wreck lawyer from Murphy Law Firm has seen the life-altering impact of these brain injuries, first hand. We are more than ready to fight for your compensation.

#1: Brain Contusion

A brain contusion can be considered a brain bruise. A contusion can occur in a car accident when a rear, frontal, or side collision causes your head to hit something inside the car or shake erratically.

While many contusions will heal on their own, they can also result in much more dangerous complications like blood clots and brain bleeding. The signs of a contusion frequently resemble those of a concussion.

#2: Concussion

Concussions are frequently brought on by car accidents. Your head could collide with an interior component of the car in almost any accident with another vehicle or even a stationary object. Even though a concussion is considered a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI), it can still cause major pain and serious health effects.

#3: Acquired Brain Injury

This type of injury is also known as a secondary brain injury and can happen without having any sort of impact to your head. Instead, it occurs when another problem within your body prevents enough oxygen from reaching your brain.

Any car accident that causes restriction of blood flow or oxygen to your brian can result in an acquired brain injury. For instance, if you were severely hurt in a car accident that caused you to stop breathing before being revived, there’s a chance you might have acquired a brain injury due to lack of oxygen.

#4: Skull Fracture

If you receive a severe enough blow to the head, your skull may really shatter. This injury frequently occurs in conjunction with concussions and other types of brain trauma. Blood coming from the ears or nose, head bruises, and swelling where the blow was made are all signs of skull fractures.

Any time you hit your head in a car collision, you could fracture your skull. If you’re thrown through the windshield, it may happen outside the automobile or inside.

#5: Brain Penetration

When something penetrates your skull and enters your brain, this is known as brain penetration. These wounds are fatal. And those who do survive frequently have lifelong disabilities.

Anything in or on your car, or that of another driver, could pierce your skull during a collision. This serious injury can be brought on by the high speeds involved in car accidents that send metal car parts and objects within a car flying.

Get in Touch with a Baton Rouge Car Accident Lawyer

Brain injuries are something that should never be taken lightly, even the most minor types. If you are someone you know has a brain injury, contact Murphy Law Firm so we can help you gain the compensation you deserve.

We are more than aware about laws dealing with car accidents and car injuries. So we will do everything in our power to help you while keeping you informed throughout.

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