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Refusal to Pay Medical Expenses

Information & What To Do

Under the Jones Act, employers are required to pay the medical expenses of seamen who suffer on-the-job injuries. If they refuse to pay the full amount or to pay at all, you can take action. In some cases, punitive damages are available in addition to the medical expenses you recover. An injured maritime worker has the right to maintenance and cure if he or she becomes ill or is injured on the job, regardless of fault. Cure covers a worker’s necessary medical expenses.
Employers that willfully refuse to pay these expenses can be held accountable for their actions. Contact our experienced team of personal injury lawyers at (225) 269-4928 to fight for your rights.

“You are entitled to coverage of your work-related medical expenses. The Murphy Law Firm, LLC in Baton Rouge represents injured seamen who have maintenance and cure claims, Jones Act claims, and other claims against their employers. Our personal injury lawyers are committed to recovering the damages you deserve.”
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Medical Benefits You are Entitled to Under the Law

The law, Cure, is meant to cover the costs for curative medical care. If you’re injured, you company needs to pay for the following medical expenses:

  • Emergency transportation
  • Surgery
  • Lab and diagnostic test
  • Out-of-pocket medical expenses
  • Prescriptions
  • Travel to doctor’s appointments
  • Parking fees at clinics and hospitals
  • Medical equipment
  • Rehabilitative therapy
  • Long-term care
  • In-home care

One of the benefits of cure is that it allows injured workers to seek treatment from the doctors they choose instead of seeing a doctor chosen by their employer or its insurance company. Do not let your employer bully you into seeing a company doctor. Employers sometimes refuse certain medical expenses or may refuse the entire claim. In other cases, an employer may send the worker for an independent medical exam to the company doctor. This doctor may declare that the worker has reached maximum medical improvement and is able to return to work. However, this is not always true, and may be a way for the employer to terminate maintenance and cure payments. It is best to speak with a Jones Act lawyer if you have questions about your right to Cure benefits. Give us a call or stop by our office to speak with one of our expert personal injury attorneys in Baton Rouge to get the compensation you deserve!

Jones Act Laws in Louisiana

Title 46 of US Code §30104

A seaman injured in the course of employment or, if the seaman dies from the injury, the personal representative of the seaman may elect to bring a civil action at law, with the right of trial by jury, against the employer. Laws of the United States regulating recovery for personal injury to, or death of, a railway employee apply to an action under this section.
(Pub. L. 109–304, § 6(c), Oct. 6, 2006 120 Stat. 1510; Pub. L. 110–181, div. C, title XXXV, § 3521(a), Jan. 28, 2008 122 Stat. 596.)

46 US Code Title 46 – Shipping

Subtitle I—General (§§ 101 – 505)
Subtitle II—Vessels and Seamen (§§ 2101 – 15109)
Subtitle III—Maritime Liability (§§ 30101 – 31343)
Subtitle IV—Regulation of Ocean Shipping (§§ 40101 – 44106)
Subtitle V—Merchant Marine (§§ 50101 – 58109)
Subtitle VI—Clearance, Tonnage Taxes, and Duties (§§ 60101 – 60507)
Subtitle VII—Security and Drug Enforcement (§§ 70001 – 70508)
Subtitle VIII—Miscellaneous (§§ 80101 – 80509)

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